Cal PSG – PSG: Neymar victim of blackmail, the scary truth

As the investigation into his transfer to Barca takes place in Spain, Neymar has been overtaken by another story. The Brazil and PSG star shocked many by supporting President Bolsonaro.

As PSG prepare for their trip to Ajaccio on Friday, Neymar remains in Spain, where the Brazilian number 10 is currently under investigation over his transfer’s notorious file. Facing the judges, the star, who was recruited by Paris for 222 million euros, said he trusted his father, who manages his son’s business, to sign his contract. An argument apparently brutal, but it isn’t The only missile that fell on Neymar’s father in recent hours. Because the voting for the second round of the presidential election is underway in Brazil, former president Lula who won the first round has accused. The Neymar clan chose Jair Bolsonaro’s camp to avoid bigger problems with tax authorities and justice. If he is not re-elected. A few weeks ago, Neymar gave strong support to the outgoing president, while the latter continued to make racist and homophobic comments with rare brutality.

Neymar and his father, it’s embarrassing

Lula, who is a slight favorite in the second round of the October 30 presidential election, confirmed during a podcast. Neymar has decided to back Jair Bolzarano, he was clearly blackmailed. ” Neymar has the right to choose anyone as president. I think he is afraid that if I win the election, I will find out what Bolsonaro forgave him about his income tax debts. I think that’s why he’s scared of me. It is obvious that Bolsonaro made a deal with Neymar’s father “, introduced Brazil’s presidential candidate, believing that the Seleção and Paris Saint-Germain star had no free hand in the file and that his support for Jair Bolsonaro was only the result of a threat.

Coming into a campaign where all shots are allowed in Brazil, the result of the first round took the spectators by surprise, with Lula winning without any problems. Next to the Neymar clan, The PSG striker had already responded to these attacks Someone from the opposite camp, ironically about those who accused him of supporting President Bolsonaro. ” I amThey talk about democracy and many other things, but if someone has a different opinion, they are attacked by those who talk about democracy. Understandable “The 30-year-old is not the only footballer to choose Bolsonaro’s camp, despite the latter’s outspoken racist views. In fact, he has the support of Brazil’s president, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and, most recently, former PSG player Lucas Moura, who plays for Tottenham.

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Neymar will have to wait until October 30

No one knows if Lula’s accusations against Neymar and his father are serious, but given the tax pans hauled by the striker from Paris and Brazil, we can only imagine that a change in the head of the country is not really good news. However, the outcome of the second round of the Brazilian election is not really decided, and Jair Bolsonaro would do well to bring out his ace Neymar for a second time ahead of the next round scheduled for October 30. For the Parisian number 10, it is time to dedicate himself to his club and in particular to his selection for the 2022 World Cup, in which Brazil are favourites.

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