Britain says Russia is building defensive structures around Mariupol and the occupied territories

According to local occupation authorities, electricity has been restored in Kherson

Power has been restored in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson occupied by the Russian army after two days of blackouts, an official of the occupation authorities, Kirill Stremosov, said on Tuesday. “Despite vandalism and attacks, there is electricity”M. Stremoussov promised In TelegramWithout further details.

The Ukrainian city, which has been in the hands of Moscow forces since late February, was without water and electricity on Sunday after two strikes that Moscow and Kiev blamed on each other. The strikes also damaged the Khakovka hydroelectric dam, which is occupied by Russian forces and supplies Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014, after Ukrainian troops have been on the offensive for weeks.

Additionally, the Russian Security Services (FSB) announced the arrest of nine members on Tuesday “Intelligence and Sabotage Group” Ukrainian forces. In a press release, the FSB accused these Ukrainians of carrying out planned attacks against senior officials of the occupation administration in the Kherson region. Explosives, grenades, ammunition and a car bomb were seized and investigated during their arrest. “Act of International Terrorism” Opened according to the same source.

Kherson is the main Ukrainian city captured by Russian forces since the start of the offensive in Ukraine. Ukrainian forces have been waging a counteroffensive there for weeks, retaking the northern part of the city. In recent months, there have been several attacks, some deadly, targeting Russian occupation officials. Moscow, for its part, announced “evacuation” Tens of thousands of civilians in the area were described as population displacement “Deportations” par Kiev.

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