Bomb blasts in Kiev during UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ visit

Ten Russian soldiers were charged in Botswana

These are the first allegations made by Ukraine Accused offenses Confirmed in Poucha. “Ten players of 64e Owned a Russian motorized rifle brigade, 35e The Russian military has accused the government of abusing civilians and violating the laws and customs of war.The lawyer writes in a Report With photos of the players involved.

According to the investigation, when the Russian army occupied Putsa in March, “Civilians who did not take part in the war and were unarmed were taken hostage. Residents did not give them food or drink.”The lawyer described. “The suspects made them kneel, blindfolded them with cloth and sticker paper, tied their hands with plastic bandages and threatened to deliberately shoot them in their direction.”He continued.

“In order to obtain information on the whereabouts of Ukrainian soldiers, and in one case unjustified, the Russian military inflicted injuries on civilians. They received punches and props in the legs, toes and torso. The invaders also looted local people and confiscated their personal belongings and household items.He listed.

The indictment is the first since it provoked condemnation and public outcry since the bodies of civilians were found on a street in Boutcha on April 2. Ukrainians accuse Russians of war crimes, but Moscow denies responsibility and talks about bodies “On stage” By Kiev.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday called on Moscow to co-operate on possible war crimes. “Looking at this horrible site, I see how important it is to establish full investigation and accountability.”Said, from Boutcha, mr. Guterres. “I urge you to agree to cooperate with Russia [Cour pénale internationale], He added. And UN documented “Murders, including some By implementing the summary “, 50 civilians, after a mission in the city on April 9th. In Porodyanka, another commune near Kiev, Mr. Guterres called for war“Nonsense in XXIe Century “The front of the houses is crumbling.

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