Beware, this new parcel fraud may destroy your bank account

Fraudsters have set up a DHL parcel scam to steal victims' bank details.  (Phil_Shots / Pixabay)

Fraudsters have set up a DHL parcel scam to steal victims’ bank details. (Phil_Shots / Pixabay)

Be careful if you are expecting a package from the transport company DHL. Fraudsters have set up a new scam to steal your bank details. They will send you to a fake site to deceive you, claiming that there is a problem with your delivery.

Hackers are coming up with more and more clever scams. The latest one is the US shipping company DHL Parcel Fraud. Fraudsters have created a fake website in the colors of the company with one purpose: to recover victims’ bank information and empty their accounts, reports Capital .

It all starts with an email or SMS sent to the person waiting for their package. Her childbirth is said to be facing difficulties. In an attempt to resolve the issue, he is invited to click on the link to view the DHL site. But the victim actually ends up on a fake website and opens a chat to resolve the delivery issue.

A fake site, a fake chat

This is where hackers operate. Through chat, they try to retrieve a lot of information. In the package and delivery, to get started. They then ask the victim to enter their DHL site or their bank details.

If they complete their target process, they will be redirected to a fake security system that verifies the validity of their credit card. She is asked to create a one-time password to verify the functionality. But it was already too late because the hackers were already able to get his bank details.

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