Belgium presents a monument to Patrice Lumumba to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Belgium returns on Monday, June 20th Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) A tooth of Patrice Lumumba is worth a “treasure” and it is possible to give the Congolese people a place dedicated to the memory of their former prime minister, tortured and then shot in 1961.

One of the darker sides of the relationship between Belgium and its former colony, the massacre, which was dismembered and dissolved in acid, became independent on June 30, 1960. It is still subject to the judiciary. Investigation in Brussels for “war crime” following a complaint filed in 2011 by Fran மூத்தois Lumumba, the eldest son of the assassinated leader, pointing out the responsibilities of a dozen Belgian officials and diplomats.

Dental retraction is performed as part of this procedure. The file was thick with a complaint of “getting” in 2016, where relatives found the only way to seize this human remnant by justice. The tooth was placed as a memento by a Belgian police officer who took part in the disappearance of the body and bragged to the media.

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On Monday morning, in honor of his 2020 commitment, federal attorney Frederick van Leeve was to hand over the children of Patrice Lumumba. “Box with teeth” Presented to their father during a ceremony “Private” Scheduled for 10 p.m. The case will be placed in a coffin for a while “Put it in the pot” According to the official plan, the event was scheduled to take place at the Ekmond Palace in Brussels, in the presence of the Prime Ministers of Belgium and Congo.

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Before the national anthems of both countries can be heard, speeches must be made in front of the coffin. At the end of the ceremony, the remains will be taken to the DRC Embassy. He is scheduled to fly to Kinshasa on Tuesday evening after a tribute to the Afro-descendant community in Brussels.

A memorial is being built in Kinshasa

Patrice Lumumba, former Prime Minister of the Belgian Congolese (formerly Zaire, now DRC) Prime Minister, was overthrown by a coup in September 1960. He was hanged on January 17, 1961, along with two brothers armed by separatists from the Katanga area with the support of Belgian mercenaries.

Considered pro-Soviet by Washington amid the Cold War as a threat to Western economic interests in the Congo, he gained the status of African champion against imperialism after his death. “Lumumba soon became a martyr of decolonization, a hero to all the oppressed on earth”David von Reybrook summed it up in his book Congo, a story.

As for his family, he was either a father or a grandfather, from whom he could not say goodbye. “Years have passed and our father is a dead man without a funeral.”In 2020 his daughter Juliana wrote in a letter to King Philippe of Belgium. “Recovery of Remnants”.

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Restoration should allow relatives to complete their mourning and Congolese authorities should erect a monument in Kinshasa where the statue of the national hero will be erected on the existing main axis. According to Congolese sources, a funeral will be held there on June 30, Independence Day. Throughout the previous week, the coffin will be parked at iconic locations of the former leader’s personal and political journey.

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“New Important Moment” In the bilateral relationship, he reiterated that, according to Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Groo, the DRC was withdrawn in early June after a six-day visit by King Philippe – his first visit to the former colony. “Deep regrets” For that “Injuries” Colonial period. On Monday morning, before the restoration ceremony, Philip was scheduled to conduct an interview with the Lumumba children at the Royal Palace. Strong encounter with the signs of the descent of King Leopold II, his monarchy now acknowledges that he was established at the end of the XIX.e Century in the Congo “Rule marked by patriarchy, discrimination and racism”.

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