Before the new talks, Voltimir Zhelensky says he will “study” Russia’s demand for “neutrality” in the country.

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10h09 : Bombings continue in the Russian-speaking city of Mykolayiv in Ukraine. “Brothers”. “My grandfather came to immigrate here from Russia. My last name is Russian. I am Russian. We are all Russians. We were massacred by Russians. Why?”A resident laments. Report it on the spot.

(Eric Adra / FranceInfo)

09h53 Heineken, a Dutch brewery, has announced that he will leave Russia with 1,800 employees due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. “Expand and intensify”. “Heineken’s business rights in Russia are not stable or viable in the current context. As a result, we have decided to leave Russia.”The world’s second-largest liquor producer said in a statement.

09h13 : Jean-François Carenco, chairman of the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), is now calling on all French people to save energy. In the daily interview EchoesHe believes that the gas supply difficulties caused by the war in Ukraine and the unprecedented fall in EDF’s nuclear production could lead to difficulties in the winter of 2022.

09h01 : 9am, a new point in the news here:

“Denial is completely legal”, Says Philippe Poudo. The candidate was a guest of “Presidential Mornings” on franceinfo.

An incredible evening at the Oscars. KodaThe low-budget film about the deaf family and the complicated life of their listening daughter won the Best Award in Hollywood. More details about the awards.

Negotiations between kyiv and Moscow Opened this morning in Istanbul. Ukraine says it is ready to discuss “In depth” At its neutrality, Mariupol described the humanitarian situation “Disaster”. “People are fighting for their lives”According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

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09h14 : Philippe Pouto spoke on the subject of Aachen’s choice to stay in Russia, a French supermarket, after the war in Ukraine: “The government has been wrong from the beginning in giving employers the freedom to make money on the backs of others. This is as true for Russian workers as it is everywhere. Ignorance is a useful weapon.”

08h31 : Last night, 7:07 p.m. The Alegro train entered the station in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, and completed the last still active railway line between Russia and the European Union. Twelve years after the first voyage of this modern train with Vladimir Putin, traffic between St. Petersburg and Helsinki has been suspended since Monday, a symbol of the renewal of Euro-Russian relations. However this line was active even during the Cold War.

(Ronnie Recoma / Newspaper / AFP)

10h04 : Daily business Echoes Title on the war in Ukraine and “Rearmament Challenge” Arises in Europe. “The war in Ukraine motivates Europeans to build a real Europe of security.”Can we read.

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