Bank of England warns of global food shortages in ‘Apocalyptic’!

My dear contemptible, dear innocent,

With this article of the most serious telegram (The source of the article in English is here) From London, I would like to inform as many people as possible about the need for personal regression. Retreat should not be sad for us, but rather for those who are virtuous and turn to safety in the broadest sense of our loved ones and those we love. The more we have, the more our country, collectively, will be able to cope with the great difficulties to come, but if we are prepared, it will not be insurmountable and, above all, will soften the effects of good preparation. Substantially.

For others, the central bank’s opinion is enough to make people tremble.

Bank of England ‘Apocalyptic’ warns of global food shortages

The governor of the Bank of England has warned of an ‘apocalyptic’ rise in food prices around the world, saying he is helpless to deal with inflation as the economy in Ukraine has been hit by the war.

Andrew Bailey, just said ‘jumpers are low’. (Editor’s note This is an English expression because the fingers of the hand are not enough to count the problems we face.) When counting the shocks facing Britain, energy and food prices are rising due to global market forces beyond its control.

Prices are rising to levels not seen in 30 years, creating a “huge income shock” that is expected to intensify in the coming months with double-digit inflation risk by the end of the year.

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Mr Bailey told Treasury MPs he was concerned that if Ukraine, a major agricultural producer, could not send wheat and cooking oil from its warehouses due to the Russian siege, food costs would rise further.

The governor noted that he had spoken with the Ukrainian finance minister: “The [risque] I’m going to sound apocalyptic about it, I think, food one.

“There is a stock of food in Ukraine, but they can not be disposed of at this time [le ministre des finances] He said there is no way for us to send them as conditions are there as we are confident in sowing the crops and the situation is getting worse.

“This is a major concern, not just for this country, but for developing countries as well.

“I am not a military strategist by any means, but anything that can help Ukraine ship its food would be a huge contribution.”

Bank of England Review!

Many experts believe the company has moved too slowly in raising interest rates when prices rose last year, and have been criticized for not reducing its plan to ease its print size in terms of currency over the past decade.

This poor record is expected to increase pressure on the treasury to present an emergency budget to tackle the cost-of-living crisis, with President Rishi Sunak opting to raise taxes just as he pressed revenue.

Food prices have already risen for fear of disruption. Ukraine supplies grain to much of the Middle East, and families will not be able to feed themselves unless a solution is found. Wheat prices rose as much as 6% on Monday.

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The governor also acknowledged that the bank had little faith in bringing inflation to its target of 2%, as prices had already risen by 7% and were expected to rise further in the coming months.

When asked by members of the Treasury Committee whether he was “weak” in controlling inflation, Mr. Bailey replied: “Yes.”

He added: “This is a very uncomfortable place – I try to find a word harder than that – it is a very difficult place.

“If we predict 10% inflation and say that 80% of that inflation we can not do, I can say that it is a very difficult situation to live with. We need to realize the reality of the situation we are facing. ⁇

Monetary interest rate policies are ineffective!

This is what Governor Bailey told us.

80% of price increases are linked to deficits and lack of resources, but apparently sanctions imposed on Russia in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine and the eruption of energy costs.

And the Telegraph reporter confirmed it “The traditional policy is to raise bank interest rates to combat high inflation, which will increase borrowing costs and slow down the national economy..

Think about the ability to combat inflation.

This is a very difficult task. Ease yourself or its consequences from it (All information on subscribing is here) When we talk about inflation, we are talking about purchasing power. There are two ways to play with its purchasing power. Limit outsiders and increase credits. My grandfather said, “A penny that goes in is a penny that should not come out”, and Grandpa, inflation, he knew it for years!

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It was already too late, but not all was lost.

Prepare yourself!

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