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Cover Image: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov shakes hands with his Indonesian counterpart Retno Marsudi during the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia on July 8, 2022. Willy Kurniawan / AB

  • Vladimir Putin challenged Westerners on ThursdayIn a speech to the heads of parliamentary committees and a televised address, Russia insists it has not. “Not starting serious things yet” In Ukraine. “We hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield. what to say ? Let them try! »Kremlin Master launched. “At the same time, we do not rule out peace talks. But those who deny them should have known for a long time [ils refuseront]It will be very difficult for them to negotiate with us.”he added.
  • Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov announced the suspension of Russian forces in Ukraine on July 7. “Regain their fighting skills”. Mr Konashenkov did not specify its expected duration A cessation of operations does not mean a cessation of hostilities.
  • On the ground, Thursday is time not for talks, but for attacks on cities still in Ukrainian hands. Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, a shell in the city center One civilian was killed and six others were injured. Ukraine denies that 100% of the Luhansk region is under Russian controlIts governor, Serhi Haïdaï, accused the Russians of forcibly conscripting and brutalizing residents of the towns of Severodonetsk and Lisitsansk.
  • In the north, in the Kharkiv region, Russian shelling killed three civilians and five wounded, while a limited assault on the city gates failed. To the south, the Russians are still bombing the area Mykolaiv And fighting erupts across the city GersonThey have been occupying since the first days of the war but according to kyiv, have to face Ukrainian counter-attacks.
  • The Ukrainian military finally said on Thursday that it had regained a foothold on Snake Island in the Black Sea., following the withdrawal of Russian forces from this strategic island opposite the mouth of the Danube, after surrendering its flag there a few days earlier. Moscow said it carried out the strike in the morning, killing Ukrainian soldiers and airlifted survivors. Unverifiable reports from an independent source.
  • In Indonesia, the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting begins Thursday in Bali in the presence of Russia and Ukraine’s Western allies. Global food security and war-driven energy price volatility will be on the agenda. The EU has warned that Russia will refuse to use this G20“A Platform for Its Propaganda” About the conflict in Ukraine.
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