At least 20 bodies were found in a nightclub

“The circumstances of the dead are not currently known,” the provincial police chief said.

Local police announced Sunday that the bodies of at least 17 teenagers have been found dead in a nightclub in a township in downtown London, south Africa.

“We have information about seventeen young people who died at a nightclub in Scenery Park in east London. We are continuing to investigate the circumstances of these deaths,” one porter told AFP. According to the provincial police, the death toll rose to 20 after General Tempingosi Kinana.

The victims were between 18 and 20 years old, he added.

A provincial health service official, Unadi Pinkos, ruled out the possibility of overcrowding or overcrowding.

“It’s hard to think of a jam because there were no open injuries to any of the victims,” ​​he told AFP by phone from the scene.

According to the local newspaper DispatchLive, “bodies were strewn across tables, chairs and on the floor”, “with no obvious signs of injury”.

On social networks, some have mentioned the possibility of gas poisoning or joint poisoning.

Local television broadcast a crowd of families and spectators gathered around the one-million-strong nightclub in east London, about 700 km south of Johannesburg, in the Indian Ocean.

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