An act of ‘international terrorism’ that benefits the US, Ukraine and Poland, Putin says

The origin of the leaks in the gas pipelines is not officially known, but the Russian president has accused the West of being behind the sabotage.

Leaks Affect Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Connecting Russia to Germany”Act of international terrorism“, condemned Wednesday October 12 Vladimir Putin, assured that this incident benefits the United States, Poland and Ukraine.

«The beneficiaries are clear (…) because this incident reinforces the geopolitical importance of the remaining gas systems, which pass through the territory of Poland (…) and Ukraine and which Russia built at its expense. But even in America, it can now provide its energy at a higher price“, confirmed the Russian president during the forum on energy.

A plan to cap the price of Russian oil, pushed by the G7 and the EU to limit revenue earned by Moscow, “Threatens the well-being of billions of people“, this Wednesday also condemned Vladimir Putin. “Some Western politicians, with their wrong decisions, are literally destroying the global market economy and threatening the well-being of billions of people.“, lashed out at the Russian president during the same intervention.

«Russia is ready to resume suppliesThe Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which was never put into service due to the attack against Ukraine, was finally assessed by the Kremlin master. “The ball is in the EU’s court and if they want to, they should turn on the faucet“, he ruled, and will be repaired only if the operation of other gas pipelines of the Nord Stream system is guaranteed.

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