Al-Qaeda has called for a boycott of the competition

Ahead of the tournament, al-Qaeda’s Yemeni branch is pushing for a boycott of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The terrorist organization al-Qaeda has called for a boycott 2022 World Cup organized in Qatar. In a monitoring group report, al-Qaeda’s regional branch in Yemen accused the Gulf states of “working in the pay of crusaders to alienate the peninsula’s Muslims from their Muslim faith”.

“We request our Muslim brothers not to follow or attend this event,” they wrote in the statement, SITE investigative team reported on Saturday.

“An Obscenity Campaign”

However, the terrorist organization does not threaten attacks against the competition and does not promote related violence, the press agency said. Reuters.

Al-Qaeda accuses Qatar of waging an “obscene campaign against the Mohammedan peninsula” and that it has “brought immorality, homosexuality, corruption and atheism to the Arabian Peninsula”. According to the terrorist organization’s Yemen branch, the event served to divert attention from the “occupation of Muslim countries”.

In recent days, World Cup organizers have responded to criticism of Qatar’s human rights record, saying everyone is welcome during the tournament, regardless of sexual orientation or background.

Jean Bulent BFMTV journalist

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