According to Volodymyr Zelensky, the Russian army leaves behind “thousands of mines and unexploded bombs” as it withdraws from occupied cities.

In Mykolaiv, Ukrainians doubt about a Russian withdrawal from Kherson

In the market town of Mykolaiv, a large city in southern Ukraine, about 100 kilometers northwest of Kherson, where Agence France-Presse journalists visited, many residents are skeptical of the withdrawal of troops from the only regional capital captured in the eight-month war.

“After defending Kherson for eight months, why should they now get up and go with all their might?”, asks 59-year-old mechanic Igor Kosorotov. Earlier in the day, the general in charge of Russian military operations in Ukraine, Sergei Surovykin, announced that the west bank of the Dnieper would be retaken. ” soon “. But the Ukrainian military remains cautious and cannot confirm or deny the information “Withdrawal of Accusation”.

“How can you believe what they say?” »Volodymyr Vybridsky, a driver, smiles between two vegetables and a hat. “How can we believe these people who always say they are our brothers? Can you trust men who kill their brothers? », asks this 55-year-old man. For months, the Kremlin has officially confirmed that Russians and Ukrainians form a single people separated by geopolitical faults.
The saleswoman, Svitlana Kyrichenko, says she was unaware of Moscow’s announcement and that friends told her the Russians were fortifying Kherson. According to her, “We can’t trust them, nobody’s going to give us anything back.”.

In recent days, satellite images have shown the Russians digging trenches on the left bank of the Dnieper on the other side of the river. These positions may allow the Russians to be much better positioned to target Ukrainian troops entering Kherson. For Mechanic Kosorodo, “The Russians will destroy the city, and then you will go there.” “They will drown it in the river”He declares colorfully.

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