According to London, Russia has lost a third of its ground forces since the beginning of the war

The British Defense Ministry said Sunday that Russia has suffered significant losses since the start of the war in Ukraine.

What was the number of men in the war in Ukraine? If millions of civilians were to leave their country, the figures between Q and Moscow would differ in the number of soldiers killed in the war. According to the UK, Russia has lost nearly a third of its troops since February 24, 2022.

The British Ministry of Defense wrote on its Twitter account that “Russian offensive in Donbass has lost momentum” and “has lagged far behind the schedule.”

Russian drones targeted

According to London, the stagnation of the war was partly explained by the destruction of Russian drones. “They need tactical knowledge and artillery direction, but they are vulnerable to Ukrainian anti-aircraft capabilities,” the Ministry of Defense said, citing equipment for crossing waterways.

In early March, north of Kiev, the Ukrainian army destroyed a dam that forced the Russians to retreat, unable to cross the overflowing river.

“Under current conditions, Russia is unlikely to accelerate the pace of its progress significantly in the next 30 days,” Brits wrote.

The U.S. agency says the morale of Russian troops is low

On Monday, May 9, U.S. investigators from the Institute for War Research already released a note based on reports from senior U.S. and Ukrainian officials.

U.S. troops say Russian troops in Ukraine are showing low morale and poor morale as the conflict intensifies. In the Zaporizhia region, soldiers are in a psychological situation where they abuse alcohol and shoot their own vehicles. About twenty, according to military officials in Zaporizhia – Avoid going forward.

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