According to Bruno Le Maire, total cut-off of Russian gas in Europe is “a real possibility”.

“The best way to prepare for these cuts [d’approvisionnement du gaz russe]We have to be very careful with our energy consumption,” says Bruno Le Maire

The French government is preparing for a total cut in Russian gas supplies, which is highly likely in its current projections, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Sunday.

France is less dependent on Russian gas than many of its neighbors, with 17% of its supply coming from Russia, but the government has drawn up contingency plans to deal with supplies drying up in the wake of the crisis. Invasion of Ukraine.

A wholesale cut of Russian gas will be more complicated this time, as the French nuclear fleet will struggle to catch up, with many reactors shut down for maintenance.

“I think total disruption of gas supplies from Russia is a real possibility (…) We must be prepared for this option.”Bruno Le Maire declared on the sidelines of a conference on 22e Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône) Economic Meetings. Earlier, he called for a total cut in Russian gas supplies“Most likely”.

Finance Minister also pointed out “The best way to prepare for these cuts is to be very mindful of our energy consumption. It applies to governments, it applies to businesses, it applies to individuals..

Next comes the construction of new infrastructure, such as a floating LNG terminal project to regasify liquefied natural gas imported from abroad.

More strictly, the government decides on a company-by-company basis which are forced to reduce their production to save energy, said Bruno Le Maire.

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