A Vincent van Gogh painting poured into soup by environmentalists in Rome

On Friday, November 4, Italian environmentalists threw soup at a painting by Vincent van Gogh. Sower at sunset, exhibited in Rome, protected by glass. The four activists, members of the Ultima Generazione (Last Generation, in Italian) group, took aim at the painting by chanting slogans against global warming and fossil fuels. The Italian movement justified its action on Twitter :

“We act out of love for life, and therefore out of love for art! How can we think that art will still be protected in a future where everyone is struggling to get enough food? These issues should be at the top of the TV news and political agenda all the time, but they are only addressed by “slanderous” actions like this morning’s. . »

In a statement, the Climate Advisory Group explained that the move “A pessimistic and science-based cry cannot be compared to simple vandalism”. “Non-violent direct action will continue until citizens get answers from their government to their demands to stop gas and coal and invest in at least twenties. [gigawatts] Renewable Energy »Ultima Generacion insisted.

Many missions are aimed at Europe

Sower at sunset – an 1888 work showing a farmer sowing his field, with a large sun in the background – appears in an exhibition dedicated to the Dutch painter at the Bonaparte Palace in Piazza Venezia in central Rome. The painting was not damaged.

“The art of assault is an abomination that must be severely condemned”Italian Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano was slammed in a press release. “The culture that is the basis of our identity must be preserved and protected and certainly not used as a megaphone for other forms of protest”he added.

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In a video, we see two young women throwing a liquid object in the direction of the painting. Another woman later joined them, and the three pressed their hands against the wall of the room, amid cries of outrage from the audience.

It is the latest such action by climate activists after famous works of art were targeted in several cities across Europe. Earlier this month, two activists from the German movement Letzte Generation (Last Generation) spread mashed potatoes. Claude Monet in a glass protecting his canvas Millstones In the Barberini Museum, Potsdam, Germany.

Environmentalists were also implicated On protective glass Girl with pearl earringJohannes VermeerAt a museum in the Netherlands, and others threw soup On the defender sunflowerVincent van GoghAt the National Gallery, London.

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Sower at sunset One of about fifty works by Vincent Van Gogh from the Groller-Muller Museum in Otterlo, Netherlands, for an exhibition dedicated to the painter in Rome that opened on October 8. Arthemisia, the company organizing the exhibition, did not immediately respond when contacted by Agence France-Presse (AFP) for details on the activists’ action.

Le Monde with AFP and Reuters

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