A victory for Moscow, a “mask” for the West.

Pro-Russian officials from the Ukrainian regions of Zaporizhia, Kherson, Luhansk and Donetsk said on Tuesday evening, September 27, that they had won a yes vote in favor of Russia’s annexation, during annexation referendums organized by Moscow, which Kyiv and its condemnation of. Western supporters.

In a video posted on Telegram, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy promised Ukraine Evening. “I will act to protect my people”. Speaking in a recorded message to the United Nations (UN) Security Council earlier on Tuesday, he said Kiev could not negotiate with Moscow. “Fake Polls”.

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“Implementation [même] Another attempt to annex Crimea and part of Ukrainian territory means we don’t have to discuss it with the current Russian president.he said.

Expected Marks

In all four regions, the magnitude of the results was in line with expectations. In the south of the country the scores are more “divided”. In the Kherson region, the pro-Moscow occupation administration announced that 87.05% of voters voted yes after all votes were counted. The Zaporizhia Regional Election Commission said 93.11% made the same choice.

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In the East, the yes part is even more important. Officials in the pro-Russian occupation of Luhansk, Ukraine’s Donbass, said 98.42 percent of voters voted to join Russia. Finally, “People’s Republic of the People’s Republic” scored 99.23%.

“Welcome home, to Russia!” »Telegram was quick to respond to former President Dmitry Medvedev. “We unite with our great motherland, great Russia”“Donetsk People’s Republic” President Denis Pushilin said.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, for his part, defended these elections as a means “Save the People” Local authorities blamed Kyiv for justifying its invasion “Nazism” and Orchestrate A “Genocide” Russian speakers in Ukraine. Asserting its control over these new territories, Moscow has threatened to use nuclear weapons again. “Russia has the right to use nuclear weapons if necessary”said Dmitry Medvedev, former president and No. 2 of the Russian Security Council.

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A position confirmed by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, recalling Russian military doctrine, provides for the possibility of such attacks in the event of an offensive against Russian territory. Later in the evening, the Pentagon confirmed Washington “Takes these threats seriously”Without “Adjust its nuclear status for the time being”.

“They have no justice, no value”

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna, who was visiting Kew, told BFM-TV that she would not be able to watch. “not true” In this consultation organized by Moscow: “It is a mask. “They have no legitimacy and no value. We will not recognize them and they will lead to economic sanctions from France, Europe and other states of the international community.she continued. “EU to consult on eighth sanctions”Announced by M.me Colonna.

In New York, during a Security Council meeting on the annexation referendums, the United Nations renewed its support for Kyiv. “I reiterate that the United Nations remains fully committed to the sovereignty, unity, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, within its internationally recognized borders”UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Rosemary DeCarlo said.

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Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna visits Hostomal Airport near Kyiv on September 27, 2022.

Through the voice of its ambassador to the UN, “China takes note of recent developments in situation in Ukraine” And “Our Position” There is “Clear and consistent; meaning that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations must be respected”Zhang Jun said Beijing has been accused by Westerners of being too cozy with Russia.

asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking via video message “Clear signal from all countries of the world” : “I believe in your acting skills. » In this sense, the head of American diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, repeated it “severe” Sanctions against Russia will be lifted in response to these links, he explained“Atrocious Act”.

The United States, along with Albania, “A resolution will be put on the table calling on member states not to recognize any modified status of Ukraine and condemning the fake referendums forcing Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine.”US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said.

If Russia exercises its veto right “to protect oneself”, “Then we will return to the General Assembly to send a clear message to Moscow.”He told reporters that the vote could be held at the end of the week or early next week.

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