A surfer’s worst nightmare is immortalized in this horrifying photo

Myles McGuinness/Getty Images/Aurora Open

Myles McGuinness/Getty Images/Aurora Open

A surfer’s worst nightmare is immortalized in a terrifying photo. (illustrative photo)

Animals – Photographer Jordan Anast took what may have been the snapshot of his life halfway down San Onofre Beach last weekend. Angels and San Diego, en California. During the annual competition, he managed to capture a big Shark WhiteSee the image below)

“24 hours have passed since this photo was posted”, Jordan Anast responded on his Instagram account. This is “Non-stop media coverage and my phone, email, text and website are constantly increasing. »

This great white shark is perfectly framed in the background, almost completely out of the water, “It’s a shot I’ll never get again.”, He saidOrange County RegisterHe was the first to see “A big dolphin”. “It looks like ‘Sharknado,’ and it’s not real.”

A breeding ground for young great white sharks

The photographer estimates he took a million pictures over the years at this popular surfer spot in California before snapping the photo at 11 a.m. last Saturday.

San Onofre Protected Beach is a breeding ground for young great white sharks.

Stories of great white sharks have been told for decades, including two famous sharks, Fluffy and Bumper, that once lived in the area, the report recalls.Orange County Register.

This is not the first time a shark has jumped out of the water during a surfing competition. In 2019, it took place at the USA Surf Championships in Lower Trest, just north of San Onofre Beach. In 2021, the WSL finals were halted when a shark jumped in the sky near Surfers.

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