A boat carrying four Frenchmen sank after being attacked by killer whales near Portugal

For nearly an hour, the cetaceans followed the sailboat, which eventually sank.

These four French people will be remembered this Tuesday, November 1.

Four sailors were attacked by killer whales while sailing a sailboat a few miles from Porto in Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

Attack of cetaceans for long minutes

According to the testimony of sailors, the group of cetaceans spent more than 45 minutes. Vigo LighthouseConstantly hitting the hull of their 12m sailboat, repeatedly and above all with determination.

After a while, the ship took on water and the boat sank, confirmed telegram.

French sailors alerted to the attack were not injured. They were rescued by a nearby boat after the wreckage sank.

Portugal’s National Maritime Authority (AMN) said the four were safe, in good health apart from a major scare and did not require medical attention.

AMN is responsible for towing the wreck of the yacht and ensuring that “no pollution is detected on the platform”.

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