240 million doses of expired vaccines were wasted worldwide

This is a scandal exposed by the newspaper’s international press program “#followthedoses” The world. As its name implies in English, the following question is the “detection” of the dose of the vaccine against Covit-19. However, more than 240 million of them will become obsolete now that they are obsolete.

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According to the study, with a six-month delay, Pfizer’s vaccine is the most wasted in the world. In France, however, only the dosages of astrogenene confirm the general direction of healthSwedish-British Laboratory, Went to the trash in France. The vaccine for the controversial period after the blood clot seems to be 218,000 doses at the rate of 2 euros each.

Globally, a total of 240 million waste doses have been presented, and the total number is staggering. And this is only a low estimate: these figures only apply to rich countries, as revealed by our colleagues. The worldCiting Airfinity, a London-based health data analytics company.

There is little information about poor countries that have built up their vaccine stocks through donations from the North, which, to be precise, reveals this survey, which sent the dose in the expiration range. Beneficiaries of the International Kovacs Project were denied 100 million in December 2021 alone. However, in Africa, especially in Nigeria, as it is buried underground, others have reached the limit of application date. With bulldozer. In France, this type of waste is incinerated.

Pauline Londeix, of the Observatory for Transparency in Drug Policies, condemned France Info.One-third of the world’s population does not receive even a single dose of the vaccine. Looking at the waste, it would be shocking. But unfortunately, rich countries wanted to monopolize the dose of the vaccine, so we might have expected it because they are afraid that they will run out and want to vaccinate people quickly. I believe there has been a persistent problem since the beginning of the Govt crisis, which is the question of inventory management, which is a very catastrophic standard.“, She clarified before assessing that”The Kovacs device has failed“.

In an “emergency” press release from the Ministry of Health, Dated January 2022We can read its recommendations. “Carefully review the bottle’s expiration labels and administration timeline before any injectionIt can be seen that “following the change of marketing recognition”, the “shelf life of the bottles” expires in three months and is extended to a maximum of nine months.

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