15 people killed, scores injured in Iran blast

The attack was carried out in Shiraz. Tensions are still high in Iran since the death of Masha Amini and the massive protest movement that has rocked the country.

At least 15 people were killed and 10 wounded in an attack on a Shia shrine in Shah Serak, Shiraz, in southern Iran, on Wednesday, Iranian news agency IRNA reported.

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The agency said the three attackers, who fired from a car at worshipers and security forces, were “Takfiri terrorists,” a term used to describe militants from Sunni extremist groups such as Islamic State. Police said two of them have been arrested and the third person is still being sought.

According to Noor, another Iranian media outlet, they are not Iranians. The attack on the Shah-Serak shrine in Shiraz came as numerous demonstrations were organized in Iran to mark the 40th anniversary of Mahza Amini’s death in the wake of the protest movement that has been rocking Iran.

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