On Tuesday, the United States imposed sanctions against a few organizations from China and North Korea. About 13 North Korean organizations were sanctioned along with the same number of Chinese organizations. Washington had leveled accusations against the groups for providing help in evading the restrictions imposed on nuclear activity against Pyongyang, and they were also accused of providing aid to the country through commodities of trade like coal.

The Treasury of the U.S. made the action public a day after the president of the United States; President Donald Trump put North Korea on a list for those who were favorable to terrorism.

The new curbs imposed by Trump’s administration focus on severing the trade that exists between China and North Korea. The trade relationship by the two countries is viewed as a key area and hurting this relationship would go a long way in deterring Pyongyang from any ambition it has to make more nuclear-tipped missiles that have the potential ability to hit the United States.

Companies are sanctioned after doing trades with North Korea

“This designation will go to make the sanctions, and penalties present against North Korea and other persons who are in bed with the real and very effective against them, the sanctions also go to support our pressure campaign further to isolate the murderous and dangerous regime” the Treasury Secretary of the US stated, Steven T Munchin.

The recent sanctions that have been imposed includes the blacklisting of three companies that are Chinese based, DadongKehua Economy and Trade Co., Dandong Hongda Trade Co., Dandong Xianghe Trading Co., which the department responsible for the treasury had over 750 million dollar worth of combined trade with North Korea in the past five years until the 31st of August.