On Thursday Sarah Silverman joined the team of other popular comedians that are going on to confront the controversy that is being peddled around about Louis C.K. following his owning up to allegations of sexual misconduct, including cases of him masturbating in front of female colleagues and comedians without them knowing and their consent, were true.

In the episode of her show named ‘I love you, America;’ that was held this week, Silverman was very clear about how she felt about C.K. who she described as one of her biggest fans and friends for over two decades.

Silverman had said that she loves Louis. In her words she agreed that Louis had done some things that were not honorable, she then posed the question ‘Is it possible to love someone who had done horrible things?’, she had said that she could mull over the happenings later, that the people that really are important are the victims themselves.

Silverman talks about the conduct of her friend

She began her emotional monologue by affirming that discussing the situation at all would be very difficult and personal for her.

She further stated that the current group of women that are coming all out with their stories of sexual harassments that they had experienced has been due for a long time. Silverman celebrated the movement and went on to share why it was difficult for her to speak out also of this particular instance of poor conduct.

“One of the friends that I hold very dear for over two decades, he masturbated with women present, He went on to take advantage of women, wielding his powers of women in ways that were nothing short of being f**ked up, to the extent that some of his victims quitted comedy totally” she narrated.

Silverman went further to add that the memories she has of the comedian don’t in anyway help her the conversation she was having. “I could cushion these revelations with stories that are heartwarming, tales of how a great dad he can be, but what help would that do?” she delivered rhetorically.