Jennifer Aniston has declared that she is not upset about the sizzling romance between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, despite an apparently false report that went viral. The article alleged that the actress is among the lot of persons who are not in support of the reunion between the two stars, it suggested that she is part of the inner circle of the songstress who is of the opinion that Bieber doesn’t appear to be good news.

“Jen views Selena as one would see a daughter, and at present can’t believe that he has done this” sources reveal to OK! Concerning the thoughts of the actress on Gomez possibly bringing back to life the love that budded once between her and Bieber.“ When she parted from Justin, she was glad and so proud of her for getting away from the musician’s clutches and observed with more satisfaction and pride as she got ahead without him. Just as the thoughts of other persons in Serena’s life is, they don’t feel that the Baby crooner has changed”.

Gossip Cop debunks rumors

Gossip Cop went the extra mile to check in with Aniston’s rep, and the rep dutifully dismissed the report by the tabloid as not being credible. There is every chance that this bogus story was concocted to take advantage on the fact that the actress is like a mother to Selena Gomez, who had said recently that Jennifer Aniston had been a strong source of strength and support to her. Nonetheless, it doesn’t imply that the actress has taken a position on the relationship between Bieber and Gomez because, in reality, she has not. To be more candid even, this is not the first time that Gossip Cop has had to correct wrong impressions that have been shared in the cases of exes that come back together.