Boston Dynamics, the ever advancing company that is specialized on robotics, has not spoken much publicly since it moved from the struggling robotics wing of Google to the luxurious yards of SoftBank, but the world was graced with a short teaser of what it has been up to so far. A sneak peak of near 30 seconds was posted online which showed off a smart and easily handleable version of its latest product, SpotMini which is electric powered.

Attempts have been made by us to reach out to the company to find out more news on the on-going project, but BD always leaves things to the imagination of the audience, most times. The company is also great at sharing and watering out thirsts with a short snippet of what it has in the works. For the meantime, what is available to us to work with is a pretty rapid playing video of the robot that has been updated doing something that we have seen before, a dressage past a lawn that has been recently mowed, staring down the view of the camera and prancing off quickly to the other side of a blocking wall.

SpotMini by SoftBank spotting a distinctly new design

When we observe it cursorily, the software that underlies it seems to be just like the one it had before. Although, the exterior has quite noticeably being changed, giving it a more attractive and slightly dramatic theme. With these new modifications on the outer part of this product, the SpotMini appears to be good yards away from what it once was, a polished and conservative product of the company. This turn in design could much be in line with the company’s aim at making their brand more commercial, SoftBank’s new release would most likely not be in WalMart shops soon though.