The various exchanges that transpired between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks account on Twitter via directly channeled messages have been made public. This exchange of information and discourse had gone on between the two during the campaign for the presidency in 2016.

The exchange was tweeted by Donald Trump Jr. not long after reports were made by The Atlantic on the correspondence writing: “This right here is the complete string of messages with @wikileaks (also showing my clear responses), that a member of the congressional committee has decided to share selectively, Imagine the Irony!”.

Drawing from the released chat history, Donald Trump’s senior son was reached out to by Wikileaks a little before it struck midnight on the 20th of September about a website that was anti-trump that was funded by PAC.

It was reported in July of 2016 by New York Times that it was believed that Russia was responsible for the hacking of the Democratic National Committee.

Announcements were then made on the 7th of October by the intelligence community that officials of the intelligence of the United States had considered with great carefulness the fact that the DNC was violated by intelligence agents from Russia, and by John Podesta, the chairman of Clinton’s campaign, and they made available subsequently sensitive materials they obtained via hacking the site to WikiLeaks so they could be shared with the public.

Who is the villain in this Trump Case?

CNN was told by an anonymous source who is privy with the occurrences that the documents have been in possession of the Congress for a while now and inquiries were made of Trump Jr. concerning the exchanges during a private meeting with the Judiciary committee of the Senate in 2017.

Despite the fact that messages are mostly lopsided and in a style that is much like a monologue, they were delivered to investigators from the Congress by the lawyers representing Trump Jr.