Over the years, plenty wild and out of the box has been brought forth by the tech giants. As out of the world as it might appear, they are often simply used to cover their fundamentals and to ensure that no one takes their spot before the next launch of their Galaxy products line.

Although nine out of ten times these patents never really come out to the public, they help show us little ideas of the process towards creation and creativity before the release of the next gadget. The released patent gave off what appeared to be a Galaxy Note that was free of the bezel, and that had a screen that was curved which in review is not really far from the Galaxy Note 8 in looks, that was released this year.

When we consider other phones and not just bezel-less ones, a major innovation is about to be released by the phone company with the planned release of the Samsung Galaxy X, their first release of a smartphone whose display can be folded. Since other OEMs like ZTE have gotten word of the release of the company, they have in their ways brought about their own products in line with this. A good example is the ZTE Axon M that features two different screens that have the ability to fold away from themselves. Although this might offer some degree of usefulness, it is not as cool categorically as the design that we expect on the soon to be released Galaxy.

Samsung’s plans for their Smartphone UI

In order to get more information on how the UI will flow with the Galaxy X, patents with the ability to at a single time show off more then one screen, or better put; a multi-screen have come to light. The UI of these comes off like originally like the basic TouchWiz UI, having simply side-by-side screens. This could be a great indication of how Samsung plans to manage their smartphone UI that folds, much like the way ZTE has done theirs with the Axon M product they brought to the market.