Maryland lawyer is investigating one of the real estate business of the Kushner family since the beginning of this year, media reports on debt collection practices are allegedly offensive and bad in several of its properties.

Kushner Companies said he was working with lawyer Brian Frosh, Maryland legal director.

“We worked with the State Attorney’s Office Maryland to provide information in response to their request,” said Kushner Companies CNN spokesman. “We adhere to all state and local laws.”

Counselling does not mean that fees are charged

In the spring and summer the media revealed it allegedly forced the tactics and inadequate maintenance in residential buildings administered by the Westminster administration or affiliated persons. As a member of Kushner Companies Westminster, it manages approximately 17 properties in Maryland, including events in Baltimore, Essex and the Middle River, according to its website.

Kushner Companies is under a microscope, as President Trump and Jared Kushner’s son, he entered the political scene, first as Trump’s Trust during the 2016 campaign, and now as a senior White House consultant.

Kushner’s financial statement shows US $ 1.6 million in Westminster sales. White House spokesman refused to comment.

Including alleged breaches of housing law and federal grants from the Department of Housing and Urban

Development in August Democrats have called on Kushner Companies to ask stories in the letter to answer questions about the issues. UU asked for an answer on September 8th.

But the Kushner Company does not offer concrete answers or produce documents, according to Cummings, who wrote a letter last week to seek help from the chairman of the board of supervisors, Republican Trey Gowdy.

In letter Gowdy Cummings said his staffs calls Kushner Companies six times and told them “to be provided without any information.”

In other matters, sue Frosh and attorney at District of Columbia Trump, claiming violated commercial interests against the Constitution. Prosecutors call on the court to prevent Trump from accepting foreign funds.