Watch What Happens Live featured Chris Sullivan along with Dr Oz. The show which goes on for thirty minutes gets really interesting with all guests answering sincerely about any topic they are asked by the host, Andy Cohen.

Chris was teased by Andy about he often didn’t give out spoilers but usually prefers giving responses with the looks on his face. It was a great watch, and really amusing too. But it is easily agreed that he did a great job not letting out any confidential information. Following the teaser, Andy inquired of Chris what it is that would possibly make him cry, the way everyone weeps every week watching This is Us. He revealed that the cried during a session of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and to being able to recall the lyrics to one song by Mandy Moore.

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An interesting controversy about his character on This is Us is that he wore fat suits. Chris who in reality is not that big appeared pretty fat on the show. He opines that it was necessary that people discover one not-so-good point on the show because it was too good by itself. He was clear about not having any problem with the costume choice for the show and that it facilitates time trips for his character on the show.