It is not normal to see a member of the revered Kardashian family dressed in Sweater on the red carpet. Even though it was, in reality, a black carpet, the world is a little surprised at her dress choice for the event. With stories of her being pregnant for her 33-year-old boyfriend Tristan Thompson, the fashion icon was dressed in a hoodie for the event. This is against the known trends of body-hugging gowns and high heels.

Was it because of a baby bump? The reality tv star in recent times has been careful about her outfits and about covering up her body. The one time something like a bump was observed was when she was at Starbucks in NYC. Though she may attempt denying her pregnancy, there are more and more sources revealing interesting information about her expecting a Baby Boy.

The Kardashian girls expecting

Khloe Kardashian, as you may already know is not the only one in the family way. In reality, almost all the Kardashian sisters are on their way to increasing the family size.  Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the sisters in the family, has been reported to suffer from cases of immense pregnancy cravings alongside Khloe.