Recently, fresh music has been coming from Selena Gomez, with her singles scoring hits in the top 40, some of the singles released include ‘It ain’t me’, ‘Fetish’ and ‘Bad Liar’, and most recently she has released on Wednesday her song wherein she featured Marshmello ‘Wolves’.

Gomez expressed her readiness and zeal to get back to producing music to Zane Lowe’s of Apple Music on Wednesday. ‘Quite frankly, in my heart, I’ve already completed two albums, but we’re still getting things right’ she said. The 25-year-old musician further expressed her desires to be in control of her music.

She revealed how she took a break from the business of music and from releasing any new materials online. Her tour which was tagged ‘Revival World Tour’ was canceled to help her 3 month musical hibernation. She also shared how she had a hard time with lupus which made her want to get a kidney transplant.

The singer also opened up about taking time rest and releasing music on her own terms. Last year, she dropped her Revival World Tour in favor of a 3 month self-imposed break and recently took to social media to reveal her fight against lupus that resulted in the need for a kidney transplant.

Song musician doing music her way and at her place

Selena Gomez shared that she desired her music to be a lot more meaningful and not superficial, that that’s the reason why she just wanted to take some time. ‘I didn’t want to be distracted by things, and the world of pop indeed could be full of just that. I took my time and did it my way this year’ she shared.

She further revealed that her single ‘Wolves’ would be the most private and close-to-home song she has released yet. ‘The song is really personal and so beautiful. Interestingly, while I worked on it when I was away in Japan, I passed through some stuff too, so it kind of described everything.’