New Zealand judge told Eminem the song “You own it, we never go” showed prophesy after being injured in the political party Copyright in his campaign advertises a song similar to Eminem “Lose yourself “.

Judge of the Supreme Court Helen Dropped Wednesday Ordered a Conservative National Party, paid by the Detroit Editor NZ $ 600,000 ($ 415,000), plus interest.

The case had strange moments before, which B. pupa attorneys who watched diligently in Rap Vulgarism worn and Emin’s associate Jeff Bass, who played for Detroit with a recognizable initial share of the song, wrote.

“We believe there is a very strong verdict and warning for people around the world of soundalics or use,” said Adam Simpson, a Sydney lawyer representing eight style editors Mile Eminem.

“We hope to see more original music in the advertising, and the writers are recognized and rewarded for their efforts.”
Peter Good fellow, the president of the National Party, stated he was disappointed with the decision. He said the party bought the music in good faith in the Australian library that he bought from a US supplier.

He said the party is considering its next steps and has already filed a lawsuit against the supplier and licensor of Sound Alike

The National Party held a 186-fold television ad that used the song “Eminem” during its successful 2014 campaign before the announcement took off air.

In his 132-day sentence, Cull says that “Eminem” as a copy sounds and copies reproduce, it is “lost”. She said it was no coincidence that the composer “Eminem” was in front of him when he wrote his song.

“Pretty cool, that’s not the concept that exists, it’s like you’re dead,” TV manager John Oliver said, “Last night tonight.”

The decision comes in hard for a conservative party that has just lost the 2017 election, in front of a coalition led by the Liberal Labour Party.