The lawsuit with Porsche had by Meadow Walker has been settled after a period of two years when she held the company that made cars responsible for the demise of her Father.

KABC paperwork revealed that she and Porsche settled the lawsuit at the start of this month October, and the terms of resolution will be kept in confidence.

Also settled was a lawsuit filed by Paul Walker III, the father of the deceased and the current executor of the estate owned by his late son. No comments were offered by the attorneys for both parties.

When the Porsche Carrera GT car crashed into a nearby tree, the accident victim was about 40 years. The unfortunate incident occurred in California on the 30th of November, 2013. Roger Rodas alongside Paul Walker were both declared dead at the site of the accident. About two years following the incident, a lawsuit was filed against the car company claiming the car design and failure to carry safety features were responsible for the death of the actor. According to reports, Paul Walker was alive for over a minute and could not get out because he was stuck on the seatbelt. He was there till the car went up in flames and he died.

Porsche claims victim consented to the risk

‘The fact is that the car used, the Porsche Carrera GT is a perilous car, and anyone shouldn’t use it. We lost Paul and his dear Friend, Roger because of it’ Jeff Milam, Meadow Walker’s lawyer shared with ABC News.

Porsche claimed two months after the lawsuit has been filed that the actor was fully aware of the risks and dangers involved and that he voluntarily committed himself to the venture.