Are you curious about how Stephen Hawking perceives the universe? Well, wonder no more. The revered scientist has made his doctoral dissertation available to the public online. You may simply go to the source. The cosmologist published his thesis for anyone to peruse, the thesis released was for his postulation in 1966, it is the first time such a release is done by the legendary cosmologist. He does this in hopes that interest will be stirred on space and sharing studies.

However, the released piece is not a casual read. The expansion of the universe was employed by Hawking to question the gravitational theory currently present, he further made available a model of the radiation of gravity and expansion that presented space-time singularities as inevitable.

Cambridge Graduates’ to turn in their Theses

Regardless of the fact that you read the article or not, there was high sustained demand for the release. According to Cambridge University, the piece was the most requested work, with several hundreds of requests filed in. This has helped open the window for other theses to come in. All graduates of the prestigious university have been mandated to turn in digital copies of their work henceforth, and they are further encouraged to make them public. The move by Hawking is likely to give them the courage needed.