Nintendo is publicly known as the producers of games that are kid-friendly, but it is in no way the only game available to kids. There are games by PlayStation 4 that are also playable by kids such as Little Big Planet 3, Ratchet and Clank, Knack 2. Despite the vast options for kids to choose from as regards the options for play, a flaw exists that limits children from playing these games, the flaw is that the games were made for larger hands, hands the size of an adult’.

In putting kids in mind, a design of the controller of PlayStation 4 has been released that is said to be very compatible with the hands of children. The newly designed gamepad is less than 50% smaller than the DualShock game controller, and it is made in a design that is similar to that of Super Nintendo. All the major features are provided in the Mini Wired Gamepad to play a good number of PS4 games.

The Controller design

This controller is totally stringed, wired all through. To play game one needs merely to plug the 10ft cable in. The gamepad doesn’t have some features, the features absent from its design includes a touchpad, light bar, speaker, vibration, stereo headset jack and motion sensing. The absence makes in incompatible with some games.

Hori is a significant player in the field of game accessories producers for some time. Successfully, Hori has come up with cheap and durable alternatives for expensive first party game controllers.

The Mini Gamepad designed by Hori is to be released across the US and the Republic of Canada this season of holidays. Blue is the only color available for now, and the controller is projected to cost below $50.