In times as these where division and segregation rules, persons who represent cross-cultural oneness can be a source of inspiration.

It is with a joyous animation that Google celebrates Selena, and she rose to stardom in the ‘80s when she became known as the Queen of the music of Tejano.

Suzette Quintanilla shared that she thinks unity is innately ingrained in their culture. Quintanilla who is the elder sister to Selena told the Comic Riffs of The Washington Post “The world is more unified than what we see in the media.”

The Quintanillas consider the animation by Google as a positive force, offering their ideas and insights to the artist for the Doodle.

The stars elder sister hopes that persons would at one glance at the Doodle realize that Selena is still very relevant to Latinos. “In our culture, she is an icon and among out people, ma role model.”

Selena, the famous entertainer, started out as a child musician, singing and traveling through Texas as part of the band. She was thought how to sing in Spanish in order to reach a wider audience.

In 1987, she had a musical breakthrough, when at the Tejano Music awards she won the best female vocalist and the performer of the year award also. She earned a Grammy six years later for best Mexican American album. The album was titled Live, the youngest Tejano artist and the first female to win such award.

Selena: The Rise and Fall

Selena Quintanilla was murdered years later in 1995 by the fan club President in Corpus Christi. Jennifer Lopez two years later played the role of Selena in the eponymous movie showing her superstar status.

The 90-second animation placed on the homepage was designed by Kevin Laughlin and engineered by Jacob Howcroft and will be viewable in the US and a couple of Latin American nations, it is launched alongside the exhibition of Google arts.