A former employee for Naughty Dog has revealed that he is a victim of sexual harassment. This was done via twitter where he shared his ordeals with sexual harassment in his previous place of employment, and the sad events that ensued after. Ballard had contributed to the development of several games, The Last of us and others.

As reported by Ballard, he was abused sexually while he was with Naughty Dog and it resulted in an uncomfortable work environment. He shared that for a while he suffered severe emotional and mental breakdown in February of 2016, he shared that he was fired a day after he reported to the human resources department of the company.

The Human Resource department told Ballard his service was no longer needed and that he would be given $20,000 if he agrees to not disclose the circumstances of the termination of his employment by signing a document.

Ballard, who has been out of work for over 15 months said that the reason he is speaking out at this time, is that of the surge of persons coming forward and sharing their experiences in the industry of TV and Film. He concluded his tweets by saying that coming forward as a victim of sexual harassment has been the most challenging thing he has had to do in all his life.

Sexual Harassment takes main focus

Naughty Dog in a statement in a blog post, responded to the claims of their former employee, saying that it knows of no proof that Mr Ballard was harassed sexually in any way.

The company further noted that cases of sexual harassment will always be handled with utmost seriousness and responsibility, adding that maintaining an atmosphere free of pressure and full of peace and harmony is their deep concern.

It is not certain what transpired here. Nonetheless, the good point is that Ballard and hopefully more victims of harassment are getting bolder and speaking out.