It was reported by TMZ that a distress call to 911 was made by Weinstein’s daughter to inform of the suicidal condition of her dad. According to Law Enforcement, an argument ensued between Remy and her dad that was taken to the streets.

Weinstein was said to have gone back inside, and the authorities showed up after. The workers of Law Enforcement confirmed that Remy made the call through stating that her dad was depressed and likely to commit suicide.

According to a spokesperson from LAPD, no crime or evidence of the commission of a crime was revealed from the investigation; it appeared to be a simple case of dispute in the family.

Speaking further, the spokesperson shared that the officers of the LAPD Wilshire division gave response swiftly to the home, confirming that the resident of the house called the police due to a dispute.

No cause for alarm

A friend of Weinstein on Wednesday evening, speaking to Page Six rejected claims that he would tend towards committing suicide “He his heart broken because of his love for his kids”. The friend also classified Remy’s response in alerting the police as an overreaction.

“Remy was quite sad and concerned about her father’s well being due to what was written in the papers” explaining to Page Six the friend said. “It was her sadness that made Harvey leave therapy to go see her on the morning of Wednesday.”