Apple has arranged the purchase of an original series from Steven Spielberg, the filmmaker.

A new version of ‘Amazing Stories’ is to be bought by the tech giant, the Emmy winning sci-fi movie series was powered by NBC from 1985 through 1987.

It was confirmed by NBC the co-owner of the property that the agreement is imminent. Apple, however, refused to comment as reported on Tuesday by the Wall Street Journal.

Apple has set aside about $1 billion to be spent on the program to make it a good competitor with and Netflix. This will be a first for the company, and it will be available for streaming.

Steven Spielberg, the creator of “Amazing Stories, ” is projected to stand as the executive producer of the new version. The series is to be overseen by Bryan Fuller, the writer-producer who operated as the showrunner for the movie “Star Trek: Discovery” on the streaming service of CBS.

A quality befitting the iPhone maker

The Entertainment President of NBC Jennifer Salke shared. “We enjoy leading Apple’s Investment in a programming that is scripted, and we all love Spielberg’s Amazing stories with the exceptional skill of Mr. Bryan Fuller at the controls.”

The executives at Apple are of the opinion that programs of quality are needed that can meet the expectations of consumers who enjoy the class and finesse the producer of the iPhone brings. Spielberg’s series is considered to be a step in a right direction.

Though the first release of the anthology series was welcomed and praised by its audience, it was not a massive success in ratings when it was aired in the mid-1980’s TV era that was less separated than today.