On Twitter, Warner Bros. shared a promo for a new film, and it features Bruce Wayne and his new teammates. Apparently, the Hollywood giants are not done giving out footage of Justice League.

The clip focuses on Batman and his search for warriors. Bruce Wayne was dressed in his civilian attire in the start of the footage. Bruce makes his appeal for help with the rest of the JL around him seated.

“I need warriors, am building an alliance. Enemies are coming” the man says. Unexpectedly, Aquaman doesn’t look all too excited about the proposition.

Fans are given a look at Wonder Woman, the Flash and the rest of the gang. Barry Ailen shares that he is only accustomed to running fast and pushing folks, but the smile on Wonder woman’s face reveals that she finds the speedster cute.

At the end of the short video clip, fans are shown a close-up view of a taking off Cyborg. Wonder Woman is displayed in the final scenes of the clip, facing a few criminals in a museum in Paris, she gets hit with the backend of a gun.

The promo comes after Justice League released a lengthy trailer over the weekend to fans via their channel

The User Anticipation for Justice League currently is 4.18 out of 5 thus placing it as the most anticipated book movie among the readers at Comicbook.com.