Saudi König Salman bin Abdul-Aziz brought 1500 people, a golden staircase and their rugs on his historic 4 day visit to Russia, a person closed to the situation said.

The 81-year-old Golf King’s leader left his plane on Wednesday and went on a special ladder to travel. But something went wrong: half was disturbed, and had to go the rest of the way. Kavalir’s cars accelerated the monarch at the centre of town, surrounded by Russian police escorts.

During the first visit by the Saudi monarch in Russia, two countries have already reached a deal on arms sales and discussed the possibilities for further co-operation to stabilize the oil market. And as they did in other cities, the Saudis felt in Moscow.

The Saudi government has booked two luxury hotels for a visit: Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons. The latter had to ask some of the guests to cancel their reservations so that even people who know each other would always change people at the hotel.

The seasons said the whole hotel was booked by October 8th and was not open to the public

Representatives of the Ritz and the four stations said they would comment. The Royal Court of Riyadh did not respond to the request for an opinion on the size of the delegation.

US presidents also travel in large environments, including the lazy limo and intelligence service, and sometimes the books of entire hotels. Former US President Barack Obama stayed in Moscow for a trip in 2009 and President Donald Trump is in 2013 for Miss Universe, which he owns.

Vadim Prasov, the deputy chairman of the Russian Federation’s Restauradores and Hoteliers, said the proposal of the bill for booking both hotels could reach about 3 million during the visit, not including what the delegation for services, restaurant dishes will issue spa treatments.