His popular media personality squandered none of his assigned moments following the American president at the same time as facilitating this sixty ninth movie awards today. Truth be told, the host’s whole opportunity figure rotated in the region of a subject: his idea the human race as being boring, yet in any event television was great.

“This conglomeration of the human race may become our most noticeably bad we have had at any point or experienced, yet it is on no account become exceptional upon our television screens,” he crooned on during the introduction. Stephen at that had to make sure that he successfully acquired Chance the Rappers towards rapping on the subject of the horrifying condition from their world—yet at any rate this performer got the marginally additional uplifting point of view toward the current situations. “Why not keep the device controller on the surface in addition to joining this challenge,” the man stated.

The Emmys remains among the biggest awards in the entertainment industry

In the wake of strolling in front of an audience in the midst of the Hand maid’s Tale back up artists, he kept on pounding the president within the introductory monolog. “He cherish ethically traded off wannabes. He cherishes Walter White. He is simply Walter considerably paler,” he stated prior to inviting the president, that was clearly viewing this awards ceremony at the present time.

“There is nobody that had a moment for that huge amount of television time. Aside from our nation’s leader. Hi, our nation’s leader. Much obliged to you for going along with everyone,” he stated.