During an exclusive interview session with Carli Lloyd, a soccer player who won an Olympic gold, a cameraman bumped into the frame while Lloyd was talking.

Lloyd started to give answers to Kelly’s question relating her life and the changes that have emanated after scoring the winning goal during the World Cup, 2015, saying it’s been a while though fascinating. Suddenly she got obscured by the crew member.
The cameraman quickly realized his mistake and uttered ‘shit’ before leaving the shot.

Kelly has encountered much this week

The cameraman thingy is coming just after some other encounters that popped up earlier this week. Actress Debra Messing stated she regretted going to Kelly’s morning show on Tuesday, following a comment Kelly made towards a superfan, Will & Grace during the show.

Kelly said she doesn’t know about the lawyer issue but believes the Will & Grace thing, as well the gay thing will go down well. That caused some laughter from the audience, but Messing wasn’t taking it funny as it was clearly shown on her straight face.

On Wednesday, Jane Fonda didn’t entertain questions related to her plastic surgery from Kelly. Fonda was appearing on the show to promote her recent movie, Our Souls at Night. While praising Fonda, Kelly asked her about not being proud to agree that she worked on her body, but Fonda quickly asked her if that would be necessary to talk about at that time.

The Friday edition of Kelly’s show, Megyn Kelly Today will feature the cast members of Saturday Night Live – Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones.