A 44-years-old female Uber driver, today, sued the company for sexual discrimination and a biased treatment to its women.

Uber told the lawyer that the app offered protection and security to its drivers, as they were under no obligation to take every trip.

According to an e-mailed statement from the lawyer of GMB Trade Union, on behalf of the woman, it claimed that the female Uber drivers were hindered regarding productivity due to insufficient security for them.

Response from Uber stated that its app provided security to its drivers and they were under no obligation to take trips that threatened their security.

The lawsuit has heightened pressure to ban the San-Francisco- based company with reasons of passenger safety and welfare. The GMB Legal Director, Maria Ludkin said that Uber had imposed its business profitability above the safety of its employees.

The female driver claimed that destinations of passengers were unknown to drivers before accepting the trip, also that drivers stood risks of losing future trips if an attempt was made to cancel a trip where the customer became hostile towards the driver.

Uber Is Still Safe

An Uber spokesperson in an email said that a driver was not compelled to go to an uncomfortable location and that the major reason women choose the brand was that of the App’s safety feature, it’s GPS tracker who helped to track every trip and share location real time.

Earlier this year, Uber co-founder, Travis Kalanick, was accused of sexual harassment by a former engineer, Susan Fowler, who recounted the former manager’s proposal for sex and the failure of the company’s human resource department to query his action in a blog post.

Over 20 people from the Uber team were relieved of their jobs after further investigation on account of sexual harassment. It was reported that senior management staff, Emil Michael, the forcefully exiled senior vice president for business, and Kalanick went to a karaoke club with male and female colleagues.

The UK police, in August, wrote to the Transport for London after a driver who was accused of sexual assault was not fired by the company.