Aerosmith annulled some tour dates following Steven Tyler’s recovery from unnamed medical issues. According to a tweet by the singer, he was looking for quick care and his doctor advocates he doesn’t travel or perform at shows this time. Consequently, the band canceled some American leg of its tour titled AeroVederci.

In a statement, the band hinted Steven will recover fully and will be fit again with the right care and rest. Tyler, addressing the fans in the regions where they canceled their show dates – Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina – said he’s very sorry with a feeling that he has let them down. He wrote that he wouldn’t be fit to round off the last four shows scheduled for his tour. He added that he had to fly back to U.S in line with doctor’s order after performing at Sao Paulo.

Tyler is not in a life-challenging situation

He went on to say that his fans shouldn’t worry as he’s not in a life-challenging situation, but need care and rest to be fit for future performances. I’ll be back hopefully, but cannot state when it would be exactly, I lo you all, he continued.

A representative for Aerosmith failed to give any response to the request by Rolling Stone to drop at least a comment. It could be recalled that Joe Perry, Aerosmith’s guitarist was rushed to a hospital during a tour with Hollywood Vampires after he slumped at the Coney Island, New York performance. Aerosmith drummer, Joey Kramer informed Rolling stone that Perry was way better when it comes to playing drums.

The following tour dates have been canceled, Curitiba, Brazil on Sept. 27; Santiago, Chile, Sept. 30; Rosario, Argentina, Oct. 3; and Monterrey, Mexico, Oct. 7th.