As China gets set for a Communist Party set to hold next month, the Chinese authorities seem to have abruptly disrupted the messaging app, WhatsApp to strengthen censorship.

WhatsApp users in China have reported dominant disruptions lately, hinting that the messaging app malfunctioned previously over the summer. While voice calls, text messaging and video calls seemed to be active on Tuesday, photos and voice messages were not working.

The Chinese authorities seem not to be comfortable with the message encryption feature WhatsApp provides, which restricts and monitors cyberspace via their Great Firewall. Obviously, China has strengthened their policing this year, implement new laws that demand tech firms to save user data in the country and restricting permissible contents. For years now, websites like Twitter, Facebook, and some foreign media have been banned.

Communist Party Congress

The WhatsApp issues are coming ahead of the congress scheduled to hold on October, 18, when Xi Jinping, the Chinese president is expected to be offered second five-year term as the general secretary of the party.

Some pointed out that it would pose difficulty in working with customers abroad. According to a writer on Weibo, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail were blocked, and now WhatsApp. The writer added that such disruption of means of communication would reduce the efficacy of foreign trade industry.

Another person said he couldn’t stay without others, but barring the use of Whatsapp drives him crazy.