Microsoft has upped the position of Xbox chief Phil Spencer to the executive vice president of gaming at the firm, making him one of its senior leadership crew.

Spencer stands out as one of the major leaders in the gaming niche and has been With Microsoft since 1988. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft told workers that Spencer got a new title and is now a member of the senior leadership team which features 16 members. The recent appointment defines Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing games and hearing Spencer’s opinion at the firm.

Games have been visible at Microsoft, making the company bring in more audience for titles like Forza Motorsport, Gears of War, and Halo. However, games make a little portion of Microsoft’s profit.

More about Spencer

Spencer was a former head of Xbox and has handled posts as head of Microsoft Game Studios. He has driven the firm into the launch of the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X which will be launched on November 7. The gaming organization remains part of the Windows and Devices unit of Microsoft.

The company is set to unveil mixed reality headsets for augmented and virtual reality, and gaming will most probably be a big portion of that. On 3rd October in San Francisco, Microsoft will host an event, and the headsets are envisaged to be available on October 17.

That places Microsoft in a likely position to other platform firms including Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple which have game lovers as audience and other non-game ventures.

Microsoft stated that gaming remains a part that will continue to share functions like human resources with the Windows and Devices group, and there are no possible changes about that with Spencer’s promotion.