John Wick’s films have so far been marked by two seasons. The series began in October 2014 and became a box office hit, while John Wick: Chapter 2 was opened in February and earned over $ 171 million, almost twice its predecessor. Thus, John Wick 3 could easily enter any of these two seasons, but Lionsgate takes the song next summer’s movie in the early summer of 2019, which means they are quite the most successful in the competition.

Lionsgate’s risk to move John Wick’s 3rd fall / late winter when there are fewer blockbusters in the summer when there are a lot. However, given the critical and commercial performance of previous films, the studio apparently believes that John Wick 3 will still attract a large audience. However, I do not think that this change in the date means that John Wick 3 will get a bigger budget, while John Wick: Chapter 2 Director Chad Stahelski told Cinema Blend earlier this year that Keanu Reeves wants “the greatest is better” to move next movie.

At the end of John Wick: Chapter 2, John was pronounced “excavating” after he killed Santino D’Antona in the continental country. Since these hotels are considered a neutral territory in the world of murderers, John’s work might have killed him. Fortunately, Winston managed to reduce the punishment for John to be cut off from all his unfaithful ties and resources. Giving John a marker for future use, Winston gave his old friend one hour in advance, before publishing his extravagance and generosity of his head doubled. With his natural abilities and a dog on his side, John will always be in the run of his fellow killer in John Wicku 3.

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