Fox News and radio host Laura Ingraham have reached an agreement that the conservative locus could regularly participate in the latest news program, according to a person accustomed with the situation.

The 21st Century Cable Network Fox announced in a statement Monday night that “there is currently no agreement with Laura Ingraham”.

Both sides have been in talks since August. If the discussions were successful, Ingraham could stay 10 hours online. slot – a move that could trigger a cascade of calendar changes. Sean Hannity, who held at 10 o’clock in the morning. For the last few years, it can be back at 21 o’clock. a place he once had. And “The Pet” panel displays the current air at 9 o’clock, can return to the original 5pm timeline Fox News’s recently cancelled program was aired on time by “Fox News specialists” following a recent decision to participate with Eric Bolling’s lead.

Ingraham has a long relationship with Fox News, and served as a charger for Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. Network leaders remained open to the idea of adjusting their programming premiere, Jackson Abernethy said on Saturday in a Fox News reporter in July.

CNN has previously reported that Ingraham and Fox have reached an agreement to start work as the premier host

The Fox News Network is still the most watched cable information, but in recent months it has had to cope with the revival of MSNBC, where formerly directed by Rachel Maddow has expanded its audience. Fox News was shocked earlier this year, pulled out of debt by O’Reilly, who left the net after advertisers responded negatively to the regulations on paid women accused of sexual harassment and other irregularities. Discussions with Ingraham point to Fox News executives continuing work with their program.