Former Chelsea player Ray Wilkins has blasted the club’s management for their decision to sell Serbian midfielder Matic to Manchester United, stating it is the worse decision on transfer the club had ever made.

Chelsea have made quite a number of transfer errors as they failed to keep stars like Romelu Lukaku who have gone to become one of the best strikers in the league

However, Ray Wilkins believes the biggest mistake the club ever made is their decision to let go of Matic which he just cannot wrap his head around.

“It’s without a doubt the worst decision that I have seen,” Wilkins revealed to Sky Sports.

He Was Chelsea’s Talisman

“This is a guy who was instrumental in the club’s success last season alongside Kante and the club actually let him? I really cannot understand it and the fact that he was sold to Chelsea’s biggest rival makes it even worse.”

“I am Chelsea so I’m speaking from my heart and ur really hurts because I just did not see this coming in any way.” I just didn’t see it at all. Why did they let Matic leave?

“He was great for us and he has also shown that he is a great player with outstanding showings for Manchester United. He has given Pogba the opportunity to roam free.”