TV stations presented their viewers for a passionate and rampant debate. But those who had expected rhetorical blood flow were disappointed. Like a spectator in the hope that Martin Schulz, who hardly has to take Mrs. Merkel’s crown, at least proves victory over national television.

Angela Merkel has been working for 12 years now and appears

The Chancellor is not known for a smart oratory and does not like this kind of public debate. But Mrs. Merkel seemed relaxed, convincing, and experienced, and she bluntly condemned the attacks of her opponent.

That was his best presentation of the discussion, according to the German mesh page of the mirror. What does not say much because he lost the first three?

But Martin Schulz will always fight for a blow. It is, for example, difficult to attack Mrs Merkel’s escapee policy when she reports that she has said that the faith in Europe that every migrant brought with her worth more than gold.
During the electoral campaign, Schulz focused on social justice; a theme that was returned on Sunday night.

He talked about unemployment, poverty. Merkel broke five million people were jobless when their first period started, the number is now two and a half million. As for poverty, Schulz’s own party was responsible for the social welfare reform Harz IV, which now forms the German social policy.
Under the guidance of Mr. Schulz, social democrats promise a reduction in taxes. But Mrs Merkel’s conservatives, who have the habit of stealing the best pieces of competition, offer similar breaks.

What foreign policy left Mr Schulz was a bull. Donald Trump, he said, brought the world into tweets on the verge of disaster. The time has come for the world to seek a solution to the North Korean crisis without President Trump, he said.

As far as Turkey is concerned, it was a German chancellor who would reject accession negotiations with the EU. Mr Schulz asked Mrs Merkel to do this. Merkel, who never wanted Turkey to become an EU member, said she had now taken such an approach. However, he said he would talk to other EU leaders to see if they could develop a common stance at the end of the talks.

Drama, but Mrs. Merkel managed to return to years of crisis management. Its relatively measured language and approach seem to please the audience. Polls show that they considered him more credible and more convincing.

Prior to the television duel, Schulz said he was convinced that his performance would affect undecided voters and create impulses. It is unlikely that he is in the direction he intended.